Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Douglas Mittens

For the last few weeks at knit night I've been working on a pair of Douglas Mittens by emilyelizabeth.  They are fun and since they are done in worsted weight they are super fast.  I'm already this far after just a few hours of work.


They're sized pretty big, so if you have small hands I'd suggest going down to a DK weight and a smaller needle.  These are for my dad... or maybe my uncle... some man I know with big hands anyway... they'll sit in the Christmas box until December 20th when I finally will decide who gets them.  That's how I roll.  

I'm loving the big fat worsted weight colorwork stitches.  Tami's blog has more great WIPs.  


  1. gorgeous! I can't even imagine attempting something like this, though I really want to!!

  2. haha awesome, I love the mitts and I love how many projects you have going!

  3. they're beautiful! isn't delightful to work on something in a fine yarn and then return to worsted weight? the progress made in a short amount of time is fabulous! i love them!

  4. Nice! Those mittens have been in my queue forever.

  5. Very pretty! I love the colorwork.

  6. I love these; they're definitely going in my queue. Are they knit with just two colors? The lighter color seems to have an ombre effect going on.