Sunday, September 16, 2012


I'm very excited because I'm going to start teaching knitting classes at For Yarn's Sake in October. In October I'll be doing a class for the October Dream In Color Kit (I won't know what this is until the kit is revealed) and a two-part class on colorwork.

In order to get ready for my teaching debut, I decided to watch a master at work. Anne Laird is a teacher at For Yarns Sake who is phenomenal and loved by all. Tuesday I sat in on her class about the garter tab cast on for starting shawls. It was lots of fun. The choice of projects for the class was either Summer Flies or Dinner in the Eiffel Tower. I chose Dinner in the Eiffel Tower. I love it. I'm already in Section 4.

Dinner in the Eiffel Tower

I've done the garter tab cast on many times, but I loved being in a class because it let me observe how Anne runs her classes and I got to chat and have fun with some wonderful people. 

I'm knitting this up in DK weight and it feels like it's flying. Should be off the needles within the week.  


  1. I love the color you choose and its knitting up beautifully, I'm so happy for you that you are teaching a class! I've only ever taught people how to knit, but not at a level this advanced.

  2. that is a beautiful pattern! i really really want to try lace knitting proper, this pattern seems ideal (lovely 8ply)!

  3. Wow congratulations! What an exciting opportunity to be able to teach classes! The shawl looks very pretty.