Friday, December 14, 2012

A lame project

I feel a little silly even showing this to you guys. It's really sort of a nothing project. But, I figure, I made it and it's an FO, so, in the interest of full knitting disclosure, here is my coffee cozy.


I made this back in late October (I know, I know, that was now 2.5 months ago, I'm behind) when I taught a class at For Yarn's Sake on how to do intarsia. The pattern is Junkies Java Jerkin by Marjorie Walter.  I wanted a project that was small so as not to scare people off, but also one that involved using a fair number of bobbins to really give people a chance to get into the technique. 

This little gem uses 9 bobbins, which is a lot to manage, but it's only 15 rows tall so it's not going to take forever to do. I think this guy took about 3 hours.


There are actually two argyles on the cozy, one on the front and one on the back. I have a picture of each, though, as I'm sure you've noticed they are identical. There are two, I swear.

I'm not sure what yarn this is made from. I just grabbed scraps from the bin of scraps we keep at the shop. They are all worsted weight and probably all wool, but I can't tell you brand information.

Overall it was a cute little project and a good way to practice intarsia if you've never done it before. I use a reusable insulated mug for my coffee, so this guy lives at the shop on display. 

Other people might have bigger, more interesting FOs over at Tami's


  1. It's not lame, it's lovely! :-))

    I was wondering where you took the photograph ... in a yarn store?

    Have a nice weekend. Regula

  2. That's a cute pattern. Maybe I'll use it to learn intarsia!

  3. It may have taken a little while, but it looks great and gave you a lot of good practice. I'm sure that the next project like that will go much faster. I look forward to seeing your next project!

  4. It's darling! No need to be bashful. Great project for first time Intarsia. You get a FO and the experience of the technique.

  5. STOP! This isn't lame at all! It's adorable. I love the colors and the stitch pattern! I bet it makes handling a cup of hot tea a lot easier too.