Saturday, August 22, 2009

The House Guests

Alright, so last post I promised that this post would be about my new house guests. Yarndude was concerned and asked if I had a moth infestation. Luckily the answer is no and I'm sorry if my elusiveness gave any of the rest of you cause for worry. These are very cute, if sometimes persnickety, guests. Meet Viola.



I know the second picture makes it look like she's demonic but it's just the flash, I promise. She is such a darling cat (if you like cats, if you don't she has all the standard cat characteristics that non cat-people don't like.) She was adopted from the humane society on Monday. She has a small birth defect in her tail that makes it kink at a 90 degree angle and she can't straighten it. She came from a house that had too many cats already and they don't think she was taken care of very well because she's a bit underweight and had teeth and flea problems when she got to the shelter. Since then she's been spayed and de-fleaed and put on a diet that's good for her teeth.

This is her sister Olivia.



Even though I bought her a nice comfy cat bed she still much prefers to sleep on my knitting bag... Olivia and Viola were littermates and came to the shelter together and I just couldn't bring myself to split up the pair. I know they look impossible to tell apart but Viola's tail makes it easy. Also, Viola wears a red collar and Olivia's is purple.


The two of them were pretty scared when they first got here and spent most of the first two days under my bed. Now they still hide out there when it's hot but they also run around the apartment like they own the place. Neither of them has any compassion for my sleep schedule and the will both wake me up by 8:00 to feed them even if I was out at the midnight showing of Inglorious Basterds until 3:30 am. Inconsiderate I know!


  1. Adorable! Much better than moths. I think owning cats makes you a true knitter now, too!

  2. OMG you have cats! I showed Pete their pictures which was a bad idea because now he wants cats again and we can't because of our lease...but have fun with yours. Good name choices :)