Friday, August 14, 2009

A Whole New Set Up

So, it's been a month since I've posted anything here but I swear I have a really good reason! I move 1400 miles from home and had to set up my first apartment from scratch. I mean scratch. I had nothing in the way of apartment necessities. The first night my mom stayed with me in the apartment and we had an air mattress to sleep on and nothing to sit on but the floor. Also, the only overhead lights in the apartment are in the kitchen so it was a pretty dark night. The first few things I invested in were a bed and some floor lamps. Here's the (sparse) bedroom now.


Just ignore the unpacked boxes and the fact that I don't have a bed skirt and appreciate that there is now a bed and a light source in the room. In the next few weeks I invested in some more furniture like my living room set:


The set is too overstuffed to really fit well in the living room but believe it or not smaller furniture is WAY more expensive. I think the overstuffed look is going out of style so I got the set for a really good deal. It was also the floor model so, while it's "new" it's been sat on over and over and over so I got a discount because of that too... Ignore the mess, I haven't bought any shelves/tables yet so the floor is where I'm "keeping" everything.

I've got a pretty small kitchen, but, up until now, I've never had a kitchen so I still like it.


Even cooler than the kitchen is that fact I have a pantry!


(not a lot of food, but a pantry is pretty cool nonetheless.) The one single thing that I wish I could change is the bathroom--it's super small.


All in all, I'm very happy with my new place. It still needs some fine-tuning (and some shelves!) but it's MY apartment and that's both cool and scary since it means that I'm ever closer to the dreaded adulthood.

I have been doing some knitting so I'll post in a day or two with that (and probably the slowest-posted description of Sock Summit, since everyone who went (but me) has already blogged the hell out of it.) Just figured I'd let you know what's been keeping me busy the past four weeks.

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  1. Yay for your new place! I thought our bathroom was tiny, but seeing yours makes me feel lucky. Have you set up a knitting corner/stash space yet? Once I start getting paychecks, I'm thinking I might get an IKEA shelf just for yarn and fabric and set that up as my crafting space, along with a comfy chair for knitting.