Tuesday, January 24, 2012

For Cathie and Patt

Pictures of Lissajous.


I finished the first one at knit chat tonight.  These (I say "these" even though the second one is not cast on yet) have been worked on exclusively at sock hour since July.  There are several reasons (besides the fact that they only get one hour a week of attention) that these are taking so long.  Reason one: big-ass chart on the cuff.


Reason two: same big ass chart on the heel, only this time worked back and forth.


Reason three: calf shaping leading to over 100 stitches at the widest part.

Just for fun, try taking a picture of the back of your calf in a pencil skirt.  I couldn't be bothered to change outfits before my photo shoot.  Luckily, I live alone so no one was here to mock my strange gymnastic poses.

Reason four: um, hello, they're KNEE socks.  Knees are many inches away from toes.  25 inches.

I came home a put the sock on in a display of knitterly pride.  (Oh come on, you've worn a single sock just off the needles, you have. Admit it.)  Ryan came over for some pasta and I started cooking with the sock still on.  Then I had a heart-stopping moment when a drip of bright red pasta sauce dripped off the serving spoon toward the floor.  It missed the sock, but I kid you not, I gasped out loud.  The sock came off and got put away somewhere safe.  Disaster averted. 


  1. Melanie,
    Awesome pictures! Thanks for posting and I am so glad you avoided the pasta sauce disaster. Wow.


    1. I am no stranger to food drips on my clothes (though usually they land in the chest region) but I am unaccustomed to worrying about dripping on my socks.

  2. Thank you for posting those fabulous pics of your finished sock.

    I feel the urge to say it fits like a glove, but perhaps the trite phrase needs to be reworked to read, fits like a sock! ;-)


    1. Thanks! The pattern has different sizes for both the foot and calf so I was able to customize it to fit me perfectly.