Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good night

Tonight, my 21 year old brother (who also lives in Portland) came over to my apartment and we watched Tangled.  We both laughed.  A lot.  It's not as good as The Emperor's New Groove, but it's the closest Disney has gotten in a long time.  Ten years between hits is a long time.  When I wasn't laughing too hard, I worked on Arroway but I can't bring myself to show you another picture of garter ridges.  I'll wait for the FO and show you some good ones.  Tangled is on Netflix watch instant.  Watch it.  Laugh.


  1. Tangled doesn't make me laugh, it makes me cry. Every time. I guess I'm just a sucker for romance. When they're in the boat and that cheesy duet is happening and the lights are floating around... I just lose it.

    1. I do love that part too! But the part where he sword-fights the horse with the frying pan. Hilarious!